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Agent Control Center

With TrackDrive you can setup call center agents to handle your inbound and outbound calls with consumers all from within TrackDrive.

Interview consumers, transfer consumers to buyers, mute, hold, disposition calls, and more.

Agent Control Center

Agents have access to a powerful agent control center.

Agent Control Center

Agent control center features:

  • Mute Caller
  • Hold Caller
  • Schedule Callback With Caller
  • Find A Buyer for the Caller after completing an interview.
  • Transfer Caller to another Agent or Buyer.
  • Select a Call Disposition to Hangup on the Caller
  • Change the script assigned the caller to complete a different interview.
  • View matching buyers as the Agent complete the interview.

Call Dispositions

Agents dispose calls to provide visibility on the outcome of calls and identify areas of improvement. Dispositions can be configured to perform various actions, such as adding the consumer to your DNC, running a custom webhook, and more.

Call Dispositions

Seamless Agent Creation

Easily configure hundreds of agents using TrackDrive's bulk agent uploader. Create internal agents with predefined passwords for easy call center management.

Create Agents

Agent Statuses

Track agent performance with agent statuses. Summarize how much time agents spend with customers, ringing leads, on lunch, etc.

Agent Statuses
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